07 April 2011

quick lunch-break thursday

total miscellaneous list for the day:

How can a restaurant boast "best Mexican food in town"- first off who decides and secondly, how can you put this out if you just opened?  I've seen it twice now- weird.

I love Craigslist...put two things on there for free and got rid of them within a few hours!  Awesome.

It makes me sad that Aven has reached the stage in her development that she will sometimes cry when I drop her off.  It makes me feel awful :(  I know she'll be fine but I feel terrible in the moment.  This morning when I dropped her at the Y even though she is usually smiling and happy and could care less that I leave, she started bawling- so sad.

Loving the newest Social Distortion album: Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes and the Decemberists latest: The King is Dead.  Also eagerly anticipating the newest Alison Krauss & Union Station's album: Paper Airplane (April 12th).

Having a girls weekend this weekend in Bellingham- nights out on the town without men, boys or babies.  My first time away from Aven overnight!  Can't believe that little munchkin head will be a year old in 2 weeks!

I can't wait until Spring/Summer.  I was reading that we get 35 inches of rain annually, over 4 inches a month and it sure feels like it lately.  We get a few spare moments without precipitation but it feels soggy and muddy.  I can't wait until the afternoons are predictably nice and I can begin to work on hard projects in less muddy soil.  Any suggestions on what to do with a baby while I am in the yard and she's not taking a nap?

Have a great day.

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