14 April 2011

Annual Girls Weekend (#3)

In no particular order, some moments from this year's girls weekend.

Aven playing with the vintage toy I found at the Antique Mall.
Super cute with a little squeaky red button on top and fluttering eyes- Made in Holland.

There are this year's ladies (- me)- Nancy, Sophia &
Kari out for a lovely day of shopping.

We squeezed in a little time for Sophia & Aven to have a
play date while Kari went to a wedding.  It was cute watching
 the two girls only about 7 weeks apart and then
 we went to the local Franklin Park for some swinging & sliding.

Sophia & her beautiful blue eyes.

Nancy & Sophia- relaxing for a quiet moment.

Nancy wanted to practice using my camera
and she took this really cute picture of Aven
- so rare for me to capture her smiling in a photo.

On our way to a yummy Sunday morning breakfast
@ Harris Ave Cafe in Fairhaven.

Sweet little miniature bouquet on our table.

Inside of Harris St. Cafe w/some unique oil paintings of
faces lining the walls.

Kari, browsing for fun vintage greeting
cards and other silly memorabilia.

Nancy enjoying a moment without any
kids in her lap on Friday night @ dinner.

Sophia, happy and delightful.

Perplexed at all of the shopping- but so cute.

Nostalgia, vintage clothing - browsed for the perfect
wedding outfit for Kari- Nancy got some
awesome & really sweet vintage skirts.

Downtown Fairhaven, WA.

Super cool light post in Fairhaven.
It seems that one drops off every year- the first year there were 5 of us and we went to Seattle in November- then last year only 4 and we went to Portland in February- this year only 3 and we are in April....hard for all of us ladies to really organize our lives and now all of our babes but we're going to make a better game plan for next year.

The weekend was pretty non-eventful but relaxing all the same.  Stayed at a friend's condo in Fairhaven and walked to breakfast, dinner & shops right around the corner.  Went to Vietnamese food on Friday night- stayed up late talking and relaxing at the condo- drinking a little wine & eating ginger snaps from Trader Joes.  Had a large gathering of ladies @ Milagro Mexican restaurant on Saturday night where the staple order was the big Mama Margarita- chips, salsa and guac.  Had a fun time catching up with some ladies I rarely see and getting to know others better.  Closed down the place and stood on the sidewalk talking until the rain sent us scattering.  Stayed up until 2 am chatting and discussing life, family, God, kids and the like.

Kari and I hit up the Antique shops on Sunday after we ate breakfast @ Harris Ave Cafe in Fairhaven.  All that shopping made us hungry so we squeezed in one more kid-free outing @ the Mount Bakery and split a savory & sweet crepe before heading home.

First time away from Aven went fine and it was lovely to just relax, eat out and have no obligations for a weekend.  Can't wait until next year!

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