08 March 2011


{sometimes it is just cuter to let the food drip down their face}

Lately (if you couldn't tell from my last blog post) work has been very very hectic.  We are getting new computer systems at the end of March and so we are all going through massive amounts of preparation and training.  I am actually excited for something new and a new challenge but there is just so much to do to get it all ready!  On top of that we are training a new personal banker, trying to interview for a part-time teller and stay afloat on all of our other "regular" trainings and day to day activities.  It makes work very busy and every moment valuable and precious.

All that to say that when I am off work, I have really been trying to relax and consequently haven't been doing too much.  Just trying to keep the laundry from piling up or the floors from being too dirty, keep the trash and recycle taken out and the dogs fed and happy.  We have taken walks, done our chores and been taking Aven to Saturday YMCA swimming lessons (so cute).  This last weekend we all got sick in succession (first Aven, then me and then Abe) so our relaxing and somewhat productive weekend ended up not so much.  We had a great book club meeting on Sunday where we discussed Cormac McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" and everyone else had yummy food while I was recovering from a stomach bug and didn't want to each much of anything.

{does this need a caption?}
{sharing her toy with Ethel}
{visiting Daddy at the shop on a Saturday afternoon}
{Aven playing with her Baby Einstein toy, it is in the corner and when she plays in her room she'll just quietly move over to it and then you'll hear the sound effects going; she really likes it}

Finally downloaded a bunch of pictures so I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Aven...hard to believe she is almost 11 months old and will be 1 year next month.  Man it does fly.  On the other hand labor feels like an eternity ago (thank goodness).

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