03 March 2011

a day in the life

6:15 am- alarm goes off
6:30 am- I beg Abe to let me sleep just a few minutes longer
6:40am- I drag myself downstairs hoping to read a few pages of our monthly book club selection that I am [surprise, surprise] behind on
6:42am- I receive a cup of hot coffee from my husband
6:44am- baby wakes up...... 
nurse baby
change baby
dress baby
eat breakfast
let doggies outside, feed doggies
feed baby "adult food"
take shower
make bottles for daycare
grab snack for midday @ work
brush teeth
grab cell phone
close & lock door
load baby into car.....

it is only

going to be a long day

drop Aven @ daycare
hurriedly drive to work
{surprise, surprise} a few minutes late
get on the conference call
commiserate with my boss until oh...9:20am

have a great morning meeting with the staff...open the doors to the customers and here we go!

I won't bore you with work details but it was busy and there were tons of things to do and piles of papers kept showing up with more and more things for me to do and email upon email of tasks and must needed replies, why does everyone need something from me today?

Interviewed potential employee (it wasn't a great interview and in fact I felt a bit bad for her)

To me these days lunch is just another time to get things done uninterrupted like phone calls, reading, blog posting, catching up on emails, etc.

2:23pm arrived home
2:24 let dogs outside
2:25 started load of laundry and sorted the rest
2:27 cleaned up the kitchen from the morning including small bits of smashed food that are cold and gooey and gathered in the bottom of a bib
2:35 start the dishwasher
2:40 get 4 days worth of mail from the mailbox
2:27 sort through mail and put a huge pile of paper in the recycle
2:36 find "past due notice" from natural gas co (what?)
2:45 log onto online banking and review bill payments
2:49 call natural gas co
2:55 gather up snacks/lunch and throw them in my bag and head back to work
3:05 eat carrot sticks, string cheese, crackers and apples in the car while calling YMCA to pay monthly bill
3:15 still waiting on hold I leave a message for them to call me back
3:25 ATM being serviced in the back room at work, cannot check teeth to make sure I don't have carrots or sesame seeds in them from my crackers
3:26 there is a customer waiting

all afternoon it was NON-stop with one thing after another and as soon as I went to help someone
BOOM...an outlook appointment for my 3:40 conference call popped up (supposed to be 20 minutes, over an hour later I got off the phone)
7:15 everyone else leaves work
7:25 I finally depart
7:32 arrive home,
nurse baby
baby throws up on me /partial outfit change
take Abe to pick up his Bike so he can go study theology
8:00 arrive back home
read stories
brush/struggle to brush teeth
change diapers
take fluoride
nurse & swaddle baby and put to bed

8:30 pm
make dinner, eat dinner, clean up, put laundry in dryer, sweep floor, finish sorting mail from earlier, wipe counters, wipe high chair and bibs, let doggies out and feed doggies dinner

10pm sit down and write this post!

No wonder I feel tired these daysspring_flower_T2519.jpg
When is Spring coming?

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