05 February 2011

what Saturdays are made of

Taking pictures of curious images on buildings in downtown Edison, Wa at
Curator's Shop
The Lucky Dumpster -my favorite place to stop and browse...local crafty things made of reclaimed fabric, cards, wood, paper, vintage fabric, etc as well as fun thrift store finds. Very eclectic collection of items to browse through and friendly locals to chat with while you sip your coffee purchased from Tweets coffee (below)
Great lite and fun vintage sign on turn of the century building
coffee & treats, wonderful homemade pies, pastries and coffee- a little overpriced but worth the beautiful drive to enjoy the sights and smells- roll up garage door lets warm afternoon sunlight in and locals roll on through and get their mid-morning or afternoon caffeine fix
Wishful thinking, outdoor seating in Washington....will spring be here soon?
Farm to Market Bakery
amazing pastries and yummy breakfast treats and sandwiches- enjoyed an "odds and ends" cinnamon roll for 1.50 with an unhealthy dollop of cream cheese frosting, polenta cakes saturated in fresh squeezed lime juice, quiche with local eggs and veggies
gosh how I love guilty pleasures....nothing starts my weekend better than a cinnamon roll, latte and my having a date with my husband....

hope yours is happy too whatever you do

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