28 December 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

a beautiful handmade scarf from my dear mother-in-law for Christmas with a darling little flower- thanks
Aven's first truck
Green Toys-Recycling Truck made of 100% recycled milk jugs, non-toxic and made in the USA- I want her to have a variety of toys
darling little Hazel Atlas Eggnog cups from my friend Kari for Christmas
another ridiculously cute handmade hat from Grandma to Aven- a little big for now but she'll be drop dead cute when it fits!
Abe's Bible Action figures from childhood- yes please! Most likely Simon Peter, Jesus (in his royal robes of course) and Samson. Can't wait until he has to explain these to Aven.
My sweet girl Ethel on Christmas day, just patiently waiting for some yummy scraps to fall on the floor and watching the babies play, laugh and scream.
Did I mention how talented my mother-in-law is? Here is Aven in her Bumbo with a handmade bib that doubles as a washcloth- so cute.
watching Eleanor share the limelight with babies-Asha was offering her present to Eleanor to help her open it, very sweet
watching the funny things kids do- cousin Asha carrying around someone's slipper at Christmas- who knows why it was so intriguing but it was
of course my little Aven patiently waiting for her Christmas meal in her vintage high chair, so cute!

* * * * * *

Hope your holiday was filled with some of your favorite things. Blessings to you in the coming new year.

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