22 December 2010

8 months & counting

A * V * E * N
happy 8 months

You can be really fun and silly :)
I love dressing you in super fun outfits, it is one of my favorite things to do each morning.
I love how you are so interested in the world around you (at times you get very distracted and cannot focus on a task-like eating-but it is neat to see how observant you are).
You really use your senses to discover the world around you: you love to look around (and always have since you started going on walks and hikes at less than a week old); you love to touch (you are especially interested in the zippers on my jacket and the sound that your hand makes when rubbing against certain materials and slapping the floor); you have always been super into taste (or at least putting everything in your mouth, now that you are exploring eating solid foods, this is no exception although your facial expressions range from satisfied to bored or very disgusted!); you really enjoy the sounds that make up your world: doggies playing and yawning, Mommy singing in the shower, Daddy arriving home from work, people talking- you are so alert and always turn your head to find out what is going on- now you will smile when I sing something in a silly way or make a funny sound.
You can be very independent and opinionated. You will happily play in your crib for quite a long time or move about the floor making delightful noises and practicing your consonants. You are quick to let us know, however, when you want something to change: your diaper, your hunger or your entertainment--this window from contentment to dissatisfied is often small so we have to be quick to respond. Patience is a virtue my love.
You look more and more like a little girl every day and less like a baby. Whenever I look back through the pictures I am amazed at how quickly you have changed. I know this process will not slow down; I just try to enjoy each step.
You can be very silly. I think you have learned this from Daddy as he is very goofy with you sometimes. On the day you turned 8 months, I took all these pictures and there were so many that you had your tongue out just like this. You are free to be yourself without worrying about what you look like. I hope this doesn't change and that we can instill in you confidence in who you are.

* * * *
we love you

Merry 1st Christmas & Happy New Year!

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