01 October 2010

Mixed Bag of Thoughts

*Things I've been thinking lately*
  • why babies are lovely: they cry and fuss and can be generally challenging especially at 3am but they are easy to love and love easily back- they don't disrespect, disobey or generally disappoint
  • enjoy the last days of summer: we have been fortunate enough to eek out several days of beautiful sunshine and 60-70 degree weather- it makes me realize how lucky I am to live where I do- it is so beautiful. I enjoyed the pink and lazy blue fog that rested above the nearly still water on the bay today as I went running with a friend and enjoyed the crisp fall air
  • Prioritizing in life is one of the most important things you can do: I think I inherently knew this before but having a baby has made this even more important. On a day off I could run ALL my errands, do ALL my chores and be generally productive but then I would have missed out on the beautiful weather and spending time just relaxing with my daughter and husband. So, I blew off most of my errands (just have to remember to do them now!), dissed many of my chores and spent time having lunch with my husband, taking pictures of my daughter and walking my dogs in the evening sun
  • I just started getting fresh organic produce delivered to my door this week: Dandelion Organic, a Bellingham based company, was mentioned to me by a few friends and I am testing it out! A bin of food is dropped off either weekly or bi-weekly with almost all local and all organic fresh fruits & veggies. A great way to eat healthy, support local businesses and growers, eat all organic veggies & fruit, spend less time shopping, challenge myself in what I eat (and cook). This week I received golden pluots, fingerling potatoes, carrots, swiss chard, apples, corn on the cob, tomatoes, peaches, cabbage, cucumber and basil. So far everything I've eaten has been delicious and I can hardly wait until I get my next bin. Comes in two sizes (personal and harvest). Having fun so far.
  • sometimes I dream of living somewhere really warm where every day is sunny and I can walk around barefoot (not having to worry about slippers) and I can go to a beach on lazy afternoons and I don't have to wipe my dogs feet to come into the house every day during the winter or bathe them after hikes in the winter.....but then I realize that I might not take advantage of that beautiful weather everyday and I might miss this wonderful place I live today.
  • I am officially a parent. I've never been one to really party on the weekends. Sure, my friends and I can easily finish a few bottles of wine and have a generally good time but we don't get out of control, not even close! A few Saturdays back some coworkers were sharing their crazy Friday night and I realized that I had put Aven to bed at 8pm and cleaned my house. Wow! Those Friday nights sure are crazy these days! Tonight was no exception. Hung with Aven and sang silly Mommy songs to her, read her stories and played with her and then finally made myself dinner and watched Gray's Anatomy on Netflix instant play. Crazy I know!
  • I am pretty much in love with the Netflix Instant play options. We just started watching NewsRadio and it is awesome! I remember watching it and liking it back in the 90's but the level of sarcasm displayed just cracks me up. Check it out.
*Just some things I've been randomly thinking of lately....nothing in particular, just my thoughts.*
(of course no post would be complete without a picture of Aven)

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