05 October 2010

5 months and counting

Aven, hard to believe that you are five and a half months old already. You are still a small fry in comparison to other babies your age and even compared to some much younger than you! But you are trucking along and seem to be learning new things every day. After your 4 month appointment I was worried because you weren't grabbing toys yet or really rolling over but now you roll over from your back to your front all the time and seem to be grabbing and holding onto toys more and more each day. You are relatively content to talk and babble and roll around on your activity mat but when you are done and want to do something different, you let us know. You have been a bit sick lately as going to daycare seems to be breaking in your immune system. A few nights ago you woke up and never really went back to sleep. Mommy and Daddy only got a few hours of sleep and it was quite exhausting! You charmed Grandpa Glen when he was here last week by smiling at him a lot and showing him how much you know so far. You love listening to songs and love to smile at people. You are becoming more delightful all of the time as we get to know you more and more. Hard to believe that soon you'll have teeth and will be eating food and crawling. I am excited for those things to come but sad that we leave other things behind. I am resisting packing up the last few newborn and 0-3 month onesies that you can still squeeze into. I know that you are almost 6 months but it is hard to believe and honestly you won't be wearing your 6 month clothes for awhile still. Hope you feel better soon little munchkin, love you lots.

*jammies in the bumbo- your 5 month mark*

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