28 October 2010

i *heart* fall

I do love fall. So far it has been a lovely October. The leaves have slowly changed color; in comparison to their quick departure last fall. The days have been relatively warm and sunny and the rain has just started in. Tuesday it hit me as I was driving down Lakeway Drive near the Bayview Cemetery that the trees looks like little pockets of sunshine lined up the street. Some leaves are a dazzling marigold yellow, some burnt sienna, chocolate red or rich marmalade orange but they are slowly changing their colors from rich full greens to the rich colors of fall. I will admit I am not quite ready for rainy days every day and muddy hikes with the dogs or winter heating bills. I am ready to drink eggnog lattes, snuggle under extra blankets, visit with friends and family over large meals and too many bottles of wine. I am looking forward to Aven's first Christmas and baking on weekends. But for now, I embrace my little pockets of color dotting the sidewalks and lining our streets. It is beautiful and we must take note of these details before they literally float away.

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Mom said...

I "heart" fall too-my favorite season! I loved your vivid descriptions of the fall colors. Geat writing.