10 September 2010

Random Ruminations

So, lately my days are much the same. Nothing terribly new or extremely different from the one before. Just little mini-adventures in mommy-hood. Aven is about 4 1/2 months now and she was weighed on Thursday at 11 lbs 12 oz. Each day with her is a gift and brings about new changes. She giggles when you take her clothes off (when you are pulling her arms through the sleeves)- not when you put them on. She loves to do a wide mouthed open mouthed smile to show her absolute delight. She makes really cute little high pitched sounds indicating her agreement with the ease of the moment.

On a rainy Friday night, I am here in relative silence while the baby sleeps, the doggies cuddle on the couch with me and Abe is working on installing cabinets late into the night. Fall is upon us and a new season is upon us. Afternoons are cooler (even with the sun) and mornings are dewy and moist. I am ready to cook soup and bring out the extra blankets and sweaters. We have some fun things coming up: trip to Portland to visit my brother & his wife and a trip to So. Oregon and So. California to see family in November. Then Thanksgiving & Christmas and here we go again.

I am thinking of so many things to do. This is the thing about free time/baby is asleep time. What do I do? I could write/post on my blog; do laundry; do dishes; clean the floors; read my book club book; balance the checkbook; get the mail; take out the trash/recycle; put away clothes; clean off the dining room table; make cookies; watch TV; hang out with my hubbie; take a walk or do some other project. I settle for a mix of some productivity while I allow other things to wait until tomorrow or the next day or the next....depends on what it is and how urgent it is. This is true for normal life but especially true when you have instantly less time. Part of it can be a demanding baby and part of it is that you just want to hang out with her reading her stories, singing her silly songs and looking at how beautiful and precious she is.

Okay, I will just pause and say how random this post really is....just a lot of unorganized thoughts in my head but that is how it is. I feel myself fading so I'll wrap this up.

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