27 June 2010

Wanna Be Domestic Goddess

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We have been busy these last few weeks. I have been practicing/pretending to be a domestic goddess and Abe has been knee deep in house projects. We got together with friends this last week four out of the five, what I like to call, "school nights." Caught up with coworkers and their new baby Aiden on Monday; had dinner with another coworker and her husband on Wednesday; hosted friends of Abe's from Regent College on Thursday and had good friends over for dinner on Friday. I did make a few new recipes including my new favorite summer dessert: Lemon Pudding Cake. I have been enjoying the moments of good weather between the June rain days and taking my doggies out for walks and the baby for sleepy strolls.

Aven is over two months now and she weighed in this last Wednesday at 8lbs 10 1/2 oz. She is still a small fry but is gaining weight steadily and is finally filling out her newborn clothes! She is getting to be more fun every day as she is talking and babbling to herself and smiling more and more. She has her rough days like yesterday where she didn't take any naps and fussed about all day but for the most part she is getting onto her own schedule (morning and afternoon naps and about every 3 hours at night to feed). I only have about 3 weeks left until I go back to work and I am trying to savor it all- lots of social outings with friends and my husband and enjoying sleeping in with my baby in the morning.

Abe is working on continuing to straighten up our garage, cleaning/clearing our yard, working on our new fenced yard, miscellaneous repairs to the house (repairing the brick chimney, hearth and basement windows). He's also been finishing up several side projects for friends.

I got the new Sarah McLachlan album and am feeling happy with listening to one of my favorite artists. I visited two friends in Portland and my brother and his wife and I've started drinking wine and caffeinated coffee. Life is good and it is hard to imagine any other one rather than the one I'm living.

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