12 June 2010

Anniversary #11

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary and we had a wonderful day. It started out by sleeping in and letting the sun wake us up next to our beautiful baby girl snuggled in between us in bed. We packed up the car with baby gear, doggies and the two of us and headed to a Bellingham staple, the Bagelry for breakfast. After getting my favorite cream cheese (dill/feta) and a cup of coffee, we headed out for a drive. We took the scenic route of Chuckanut drive down through Edison and onto La Conner where we browsed the antique and artsy shops while enjoying the wonderful sunny weather. The temperature was perfect with a light breeze and Aven was in rare form, completely silent while lulled by the gentle bouncing of the stroller. The dogs enjoyed a lot of attention from passers by and waited patiently while we browsed through the stores. After a few hours of wandering around, we headed to La Conner Brewing company and sat in their outdoor seating area. The whole family was seated, including the doggies, and we enjoyed a few pints of refreshing IPA (great for a summer afternoon), a large Caesar salad and a delicious pizza. It was a wonderful lunch and refreshing after our hard days work of browsing.

Next we jumped back on the scenic route and headed north. The sweeping farmlands stretched out before us and barns of all character and care were dotting the drive. We landed in Edison for a quick afternoon treat before heading home. We stopped at Tweets espresso and bakery which blew our socks off! We each had Americanos, decently priced and fit to put hair on your chest. Then I had the most delightful piece of dessert I have had in a long time: a pear and lemon tart with mascarpone cheese with zested orange rind. This was sublime and at only $5 leaves no excuse not to try it! Abe enjoyed a slice of their homemade peach and rhubarb pie but kept insisting on eating mine too. We browsed through the Lucky Dumpster and found Abe a new vintage fan for $10 and then made our way slowly home along Chuckanut Drive. After taking care of the baby (outfit change and meal), we finally decided on dinner.

Around 9 pm we packed up the stroller and walked to Rudy's Pizzeria in downtown Bellingham. I like Rudy's because they have whole wheat crusts (my favorite). We split a pitcher of Blue Moon beer (again a refreshing and fruity summer beer) and played cribbage while eating a delicious pizza: my half was a while pizza with feta, basil, anise and some delicious herbs & spices. We came home around 11 and after dealing with another screaming session from the baby, rested after a long day. We had some great talks on the drive, enjoyed all of the views of the bay and thoroughly enjoyed our day of delicious food with no guilt later. Abe gave me a sweet card and I apologized for not writing in mine yet. Such are anniversaries when you get to a certain point. Bottom line, it was wonderful family day and I was so thankful for my husband and my life and I reflected on how lucky I am to live where I do.

Happy 11 years honey.

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