13 January 2010

Musings on Travel

Hard to believe that it has been almost 5 months since I posted last and about 9 months since we traveled to the Czech Republic. My brother and his wife just went to Spain in October and I got all sad looking at their pictures wanting to go to Europe again, soon. But alas, this year is bringing new things and unfortunately not a trip to Europe. We bought a new house and sold our old one in August and also found out we're having a baby in May! It was an exciting few months and busy too. Life has calmed down a bit now that the holidays are over and Abe is starting his last term in school (woohoo). Our daughter is due on May 3rd and life will be forever different. We have a lot of questions as to what it will look like exactly but we are excited nevertheless. With the new house comes lots of potential projects to take up our free time but we have more room to grow as a family. The picture above is from the Pavlov region in the Czech republic with beautiful flowing vineyards. It is only about 2500 people and the main languages are both Czech and German making it difficult for English only people like myself to get around. The hospitality and friendliness of the Czech's makes up for language differences. We had a lovely rain and thunder filled hike to the top of a peak looking out over the valley. We visited some castle ruins and ate interesting food. It was all an adventure for sure.

I'll try to keep you updated and post some pictures of the pregnant me. We're at 24 weeks already and it is going quickly.

Peace and blessings for 2010.

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