03 July 2009

A brief update

Things I am really loving right now:

  • Band: Shearwater, loving every sound that I've heard so far
  • Salads: My favorite concoction involves a variety of romaine or mixed lettuce, toasted pine nuts or almonds, sliced strawberries, fresh mint, fresh basil, green onion chopped, feta cheese and a small bit of olive oil and basalmic vinegar on top- so quick, so yummy, nutritious and refreshing for a hot summer day
  • Beer: Mothership Wit Organic Wheat Ale, Abbey beer's latest contribution, refreshing and with a unique but sweet aftertaste
  • Clothes: My newest Nike tanktop, so thin, breathable but absorbing of all that yucky sweat that comes when you work out
  • Sun: We have had an amazingly beautiful and warm summer so far.  I find I want to just wander around my backyard grazing from my fresh sugar snap peas and deadheading flowers, picking some for display inside and then relaxing while watering.  In the evening I listen to the sounds of summer while the breeze comes through the screen in my bedroom.  I sleep on top of the covers and wake up to a cool air filling the room in the mornings.
  • Book Club:  While I was a lazy book club person, I did really enjoy most of the last book we read, at the very least I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion that we had about Brick Lane by Monica Ali.  My book club ranges in age from me (29) to Les (50) and a few people varying in between.  There are 2 men and 4 women, 2 of them couples and we all have very different book tastes so we expose each other to new ideas and genres each and every time, plus the dialogue is always hearty and interesting and other people undoubtedly see things you are bound to miss.
Thats all for now.  Happy "Independence Day" - the day after will be my half birthday, not that I am celebrating but it is only 6 months now until I turn 30- weird.

Have fun.

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