30 November 2008

Uh Oh and 19 Days of Gratefulness Later....

Well, the last few weeks have been busier than I anticipated. I am regretfully behind on my posting and my life seems to be slipping by too quickly. So, in short order:

I am very very grateful for all of the following (and in no particular order): wine and good conversation with good friends :: A much needed girls weekend away in Seattle with lots of yummy coffee, pastries and fun window shopping (with a little buying) :: Fall afternoon walks when the weather doesn't let you down and totally refreshes you :: Walking downtown Bellingham and enjoying the holiday decorations :: Trying new recipes (my new stuffing recipe turned out well in addition to my gingerbread recipe) :: Baking (it is nostalgic, makes your house smell delicious and tastes even better) :: Gifts (you are never too old for them) -my sweet mother-in-law always brings lovely little snacks with her and always treats me to a few little surprises and lots of coffee when we visit (I love my new sweatshirt :) :: Family- I am grateful that they all get along together and that I do not have to split up my holidays among in-laws and my own two parents and their families :: Soy Candles (I am totally in love with a few different brands lately but they are so clean burning and smell absolutely amazing- one votive makes my whole kitchen smell lovely) -try www.bluewick.com for starters :: Community- I feel blessed to have a great sense of community. I feel accepted at work and have several regular customers who genuinely care about me; I have a great new community of faith with some girlfriends that I meet with every other week; I have a great sense of spirituality with my church and the values that we share with the neighborhood; I have great friends who treat me like family and love me the same way :: Finding new music that I am totally enjoying rocking out to (check out my other blog: www.circular-review.blogspot.com) like JET! :: Getting homemade Christmas tags to put on my presents :: Finding the absolutely perfect gift for a friend that they didn't even know they needed!

In summary, I've been working, spending time with friends, my husband and my doggies. I've been cleaning, cooking, preparing for family, hosting family and a big 23 pound turkey for a few days and then working some more. Today after hiking with my friend and enjoying the crisp fall air and lazy afternoon fog, I decided to bake an apple pie. Each day is an adventure and is truly what you make of it. What are you grateful for?

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