06 November 2008

Gratefulness Day 6

Today I am grateful for a few things. I am grateful for the book Chocolate Cake: 150 Recipes from Simple to Sublime by Michele Urvater. An impulse buy at Ross a year or so ago, has yielded some delicious recipes so far. From white chocolate cheesecake to wacky cake (where all ingredients are measured, mixed and baked in the same pan)- the recipes give you all sorts of chocolate cravings as you turn the pages. Each recipe uses a star level of difficulty from * to **** stars, each recipe rates the level of expertise. The directions are straightforward, easy to read and leave a lot to the imagination (no drool inducing photos of the final product). Trust me, the smell of your house as you bake any number of these recipes will yield enough food for thought (literally).

I am grateful for rainy days. Even though they can be slightly depressing and don't encourage outdoor activities, I am thankful for water. It sustains the beautiful place that I live, my garden and the many annoying weeds that will come up through the cracks in the spring. Rainy days remind me of being a kid and having the occasional impromptu rainy day party. My Mom would set up stations of activities such as baking chocolate chip cookies, collage and play-dough. My brother and I would invite a few friends and we'd spend the afternoon indoors enjoying a multitude of hands on activities. Too bad we don't have these as adults!

What are you grateful for?

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