06 June 2008


So it seems that I've been on vacation from blogging regularly for quite a while but I've also been on a literal vacation for almost two weeks. It has been much needed, quite lovely and worth every minute. We left the Sunday before Memorial Day and drove all day from Bellingham, Wa to Twin Falls, Idaho. We spent the night in a KOA Kampground and then drove all day the next day to Moab, Utah. From there we biked, hiked, enjoyed beautiful weather, drove through Arches National Park and ate heartily. After 4 nights and three days we drove on through Capital Reef National Park and stayed in Escalante, UT. We relaxed this afternoon after playing a lot the previous days and ate some delicious calzones and drank Polygomy Porter beer under on a nice outside deck. After a relaxing evening, we traveled through Bryce National Park and onto Zion National Park. We camped there for two nights and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beautiful red rocks. After a week of travelling, the dogs got a break at the Doggy Dude Ranch and we went hiking in Zion (where dogs couldn't go). After packing things up we made the marathon 900 mile drive from Zion, UT to Medford Oregon and we've been here since 2 a.m. Tuesday morning relaxing with family.

Ahhhhh. To vacation this is the life. The only two problems I've figure out so far: no one is making money and we're spending quite a lot of it at $4.00 a gallon +. It is sad when you realize that you've spent over $500 on gas in two weeks. Where does the money go, oh thats right! We've driven over 3,000 miles so far on our trip and seen some amazing country; met some lovely and friendly people; taken some goofy, fun and wonderful pictures and we've hiked, biked, played, read and slept. I'll fill you in with some photos later and some more captions about the trip. I am always reminded when I do vacation of what a wonderful and amazing world we live in. The land is so beautiful and people are generally good. I can think of nothing better than spending time traveling with my wonderful husband and two sweet puppies who've melted lots of hearts along our 3,000+ miles so far.

P.S. This is my 51st blog posting. I know many of you have surpassed this long ago but I feel a small accomplisment for making it over the hump.

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AndiMae said...

Welcome back from vacation! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear more about it- sorry I haven't gotten a chance to call you back yet...let's talk soon!

P.S. Don't gas prices just suck right now!?