04 April 2008

National Poetry Month: Day 3

Out in the Dark and Daylight
By Aileen Fisher

Out in the dark and daylight,
Under a cloud or tree,

Out in the park and play light,
Out where the wind blows free,

Out in the March or May light
With shadows and stars to see,

Out in the dark and daylight…
That’s where I like to be.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this poem. It made me think of all the times when I was a kid that I just enjoyed life. I didn’t have any worries and few responsibilities. I just enjoyed the world for what it gave me, the simple things: light and dark. The light was time to wander, explore and play; the dark was time to read books, snuggle under quilts and whisper to my brother in the bunk bed below me. This poem comes from a book titled A Jar of Tiny Stars: poems by NCTE award winning poets.

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