09 April 2008

Abandon Ship: making peace with giving up (or losing track)

It seems that each new creative endeavor I embark upon seems to hold the promise of a new day. In fact, it is this new day feeling that I revel in when I wake up and feel creative! "Let's go" I'll think. Perhaps today will be the day I wid my front beds of all of their weeds, the day I decide I'll go and get paint and repaint my dining room in a mad dash of color, the day I'll pull out all my mixing bowls and cook yummy goodies from scratch. The day will be filled with possibilities so overwhelming.....and then.....and then I realize I still have the daily chores to do: laundry, playing with my dogs, sweeping the floors, paying the bills etc and now I have no time (or energy or ambition) to do the creative things I dreamed of over coffee.

Why the long introduction of wistful thoughts? Because dear friends I was so excited to post/write/discover a poem a day that I thought: "yes" I can do this!" And for two whole days, I did. Like the quilt that lays half done in my attic and the yard of dirt and weeds stripped of its "somewhat" grass last summer, I have given up. Yes, I have felt guilty every day that I open up my email and read the poem of the day from Village Books, but I've stopped there. So, instead, I just want to apologize for giving up. Perhaps part of the blessing of these creative moments/ambitions is that they seem so realistic (yes, I can replant my whole yard in a few months, yes I can make a large queen size quilt even though I've never sewn anything in my life, etc.) but as time or the project goes on I realize I am way under-prepared to complete the task on my own. So, here is my new idea! If you have a favorite poem or one you've written that you'd like me to post or comment on (do you like how I just made you the reader in charge?), feel free to email it to me. Good luck on all of your creative endeavors today.

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