04 November 2007

The Yummy, the Awesome, the Weird and the Tragic

In summary this week has been funny, sad and very very busy. The week started off with a much needed day off from work. I ran lots of errands and was extremely productive. It was a beautiful fall day, not very warm but not rainy or too cold outside either. Believe me, as winter begins approaching these days seem like little gifts. This week also began as the final week for our Ultimate Body Challenge class: week 10. It was a bit bittersweet. It will be challenging to continue to work out on my own schedule with no one holding me accountable and I'll miss the people I've spent the last 10 weeks, every morning, with.

I ended the day by making a delicious tuna recipe found again on my favorite new recipe site epicurious!

Tuesday was a marvelous day because that evening we went to the Mount Baker Theatre and listened to Brandi Carlile sing. It was probably the most amazing concert I've been to since I saw Alison Krauss sing at a park in Roseburg Oregon. She blew my mind with her stage presence, her fabulous voice and talent to keep everyone entertained. From the Queen cover, the Johnny Cash song and the Leonard Cohen song, she played some of my favorites with a twist. She also got the audience singing and played several new songs never yet sung before. At 26 years old, she is a sure bet to keep your eye on. Her amazing lyrics like :"if only you knew my mind was full of razors that would cut you like a word if only sung, this is my song," and her incredible range will amaze and dazzle you with this Seattle native's sophomore debut.

Halloween was both a fun and tragic day. My coworkers and I had all planned to dress in 80's garb for the holiday and rock the 80's tunes at work. I was looking forward to it and we had a blast. I had coincidentally scheduled my hair appointment for the morning of and therefore had a great new haircut to manipulate. I decided to go daring and since I don't have a lot of hair do the "big 80's" look, I went a bit punk!

The very sad and tragic news actually began my day on Halloween and then plagued my thoughts all week. The regular stylist that I go to was expecting a baby in mid October. She and her husband delivered a healthy baby boy, Maddox. Exactly one week later he was found dead in his crib when his Dad went to check in on him at night. I don't tell this to freak anyone out but just to say that I felt my heart drop. I cannot imagine the pain and confusion that this couple feel during such a hard time. If you think of them, pray that their hearts will feel peace. Maddox only lived for one week but I know during that time that the joy he brought his family and friends was great.

In no particular order, there is a summary of my week. Life, when you actually think about the many moments, can have so many great things, so many sad and heartbreaking things and yet so much joy all packed into a week, I know that this was what happened with Maddox.

Enjoy each day

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