28 November 2007

Happy Festivus!

It has been awhile since I've posted anything and frankly it is because I don't have anything really exciting to share. I've just been busy working and doing a little socializing on the side. I've spent cold fall evenings sipping decaf espresso with Baileys and watching the newest season of Seinfeld to come out on DVD-the last season-hence the title of my blog posting. The above pictures are from Thanksgiving. Abe and I got up early and took our little munchkins out to the North Shore trailhead at Lake Whatcom and walked the girls in the chilly sunshine 6.2 miles worth. It was a lovely holiday. We spent it with friends of all sorts and also our old neighbor. I think that holidays can make you very thankful for who you are in God and who he has given you as a family (friends & family). I know not everyone's Turkey day was stress free but I hope you were healthy and warm.

Greetings to you on this almost December morning!

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