18 December 2006

Winter Hiatus and Life is Too Busy

Greetings friends and neighbors,
I apologize to all of you who have been patiently waiting for my next post. I have been very busy doing everything from hosting a Christmas party to planting trees with my church, doing last minute Christmas shopping and playing with my dogs every afternoon. Since the end of October I have upped my part time teaching job to full time and have been filling in for another teacher who is on maternity leave. That ends this Wednesday and it is bittersweet. Just as I am getting to know the kids and get the hang of her class, I'm done! On the other hand, I will have more time to play, read, and blog! On top of teaching the two extra classes one of my classes has been undergoing a renovation of behavior. It has meant a lot of extra work on my part but it is a necessary change. The renovation is going well, Christmas (or as the P.C. world would say "holiday break) Break is coming in just 2 days.

We are traveling the faithful straight shot of 1-5 to southern Oregon to visit our families. There we will eat, drink and hopefully be merry. Our 2 year old doggie will come with us and we'll get a chance to visit my Mom and husband, my Dad, my husband's parents and maybe a few friends to boot. Unfortunately my break will be filled with grading papers and preparing for the upcoming semester of English literature.

So, as probably the last blogging entry of the year, I'll make a list (my favorite) of my favorite things during this year.

  • Coming back to the U.S. after being gone for 4 months (in January)
  • Seeing my "niece" Audrey (she was born in September and I didn't get to see her but a week before we left the country)
  • Getting rid of junk (after living with so much less I felt I had a TON of stuff when I came home, the purging began and it has somewhat continued)
  • Learning to cook-since teaching this fall, I have actually cooked on a somewhat daily basis
  • Getting a teaching job-as mentioned in numerous posts, it is HARD work but worth all the effort and glory (yeah right!)
  • Getting diamond earrings from my husband for our 7th anniversary
  • Having a 7th anniversary
  • Fostering dogs (love & hate--so hard to let them go)
  • Finding new friends
  • Finding a new church and loving it!
  • Watching so many of my friends be pregnant (boy they are cute!)
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Starting a blog writing and reading more
  • Playing in the snow
  • Drinking coffee
  • Watching good movies and snuggling with my husband

AND MANY MORE! Don't expect me to make a list of New Year's resolutions, I don't do that. Why wait till the new year to make resolutions you won't keep anyway?

Happy, Merry, Wonderful and Cheerfilled and Lovely and Blessed holidays to you and your families. Wishing you all the wonder that marks this season.


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Andi said...

I love your happy list of memories from this last year! And I love you :)

P.S. I miss you! Are you leaving Wednesday for Oregon or Thursday?