14 November 2006


Sometimes when the moment you are living in isn't so swell, you need to think about the things you look forward to to boost your spirits. Here is my list for today and for this moment. I'll spare you the "moment" details.
  1. Someday being a Mom (and joining that secret club)
  2. Having a second bedroom in our house
  3. Climbing into my prewarmed bed with icy cold feet and hearing my husband sigh as I cuddle up to him
  4. Finishing a book (good or bad, at least it is over!)
  5. Coming home after a trip
  6. The moment on Sunday afternoon (that one little moment) when my house is clean and I can breathe deeply and sit on my couch with a cup of tea.
  7. Having my morning coffee made daily by my husband.
  8. Despite the huge colossal waste of resources, picking out a Christmas tree.
  9. Knowing that every last piece of laundry is done!
  10. Having a fully stocked refrigerator for every craving
  11. Finding an unbelievable deal on food, candles or clothing (it never happens with coffee)
  12. Starbucks Eggnog Lattes (at $3.70 for a grande, they better be good)
  13. Being a Blogging superstar!
  14. Receiving my next installment of 24 in the mail from Netflix

What are you looking forward to?

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