09 November 2006

Badminton, Apparently A Workout!

With a quick squash in the air I miss the little shuttlecock, also known as the birdie! No big deal, I'll get it next time. Or maybe the next next time? Is that sweat? Am I actually sweating playing badminton? Isn't this a picnic sport?

The most shocking thing about playing, somewhat, organized sports as an adult is that you somehow haven't gotten any better than you were in, say, Elementary School. What a defeating moment to know that if teams were to be picked, it would still be between you and the kid with one leg left to choose from.

A teacher in service day that could have been relatively boring, inconsequential and extremely bureaucratic turned into an informative and at moments, fun, day. How does badminton fit in, you ask? We each signed up for activities that we wanted to participate in during the afternoon. Our choices were card making, dodgeball tournament, making a premade dinner or badminton. Somehow badminton fell in the middle between "not too girly" and "not too Ben Stiller" and uber competitive.

Probably the youngest one swinging the racket, and yet the most un-athletic, un-in-shape, and most girly of them all. I swung. Again. And again. And again. Now, I won't leave you thinking that I didn't hit the birdie at all but there were enough misses and moments where my team didn't score at all (because of me) that I ended up standing on the sidelines until the principal grabbed me to practice tossing the birdie back and forth.

So here I was, a 26 year old woman, grabbing my sore buttocks less than 24 hours later due to badminton! Shocking I know. Perhaps more than shocking is the word sad. It felt good after the initial soreness wore off. So less than a week later, I have recovered from my "workout" physically but am left to wonder mentally what is wrong with me? I could come up with excuses, sure, but I think I just need to take some advice from Nike.

This is pretty much where the post ends. I thought I'd reveal a little piece of my pathetic, not-athletic, life with you. If not for any other reason than to provide you with a midweek laugh. Have a great day. And be sure to stretch before you go to your next picnic.

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