26 October 2006

Small Joys, A Day Early

Taking a clue from some of my blogger friends, I'd like to do a "small joys" day also. I don't know if it will be a permanent staple but I'll try it out just for kicks.

So, here are some things that have been bringing me joy lately.

1. Laughing, that deep gutteral and belly aching laugh, with my students.
2. Knowing that God has blessed me to do this job: teaching.
3. Having three warm and soft white doggies piled on me snoring or just cuddling up to me.
4. Walking across a new front patio that my husband finished (after staring at a large cut out area for awhile I am more than joyful!).
5. Getting my house painted. Although it isn't done and won't be for awhile because of the weather, it is a wonderful bright color, much better than the everything white that it was before.
6. Picking out paint colors, especially looking at the names: weathered glass (that is the main blueish color), milk sugar (that is the white trim color), Cliveden Virginia Soil (the accent trim color, a rich brown).
7. Getting hugs from my just over a year honorary niece and having a name from a family friend's son (something like "Vanna" at this point).
8. Hearty blues music by Susan Tedeschi (she has a wonderful rich voice kind of like a mellower Janis Joplin and a little like Bonnie Raitt with a bit more funk).
9. Soul Music, need I say more?
10. Finding out about who I am.
11. Living in Bellingham during the fall. The leaves are absolutely amazing. Every day I see a new shade as I walk/drive/saunter around town. Although they will be gone soon they area sight to see, if even on their way from the branch.

What is bringing you joy lately?

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