31 October 2006

Small Irritations Tuesday

Usually I feel carefree, perhaps a little stressed or even a bit miffed but today I am all of these things heaped upon each other: irritated. For some reason, perhaps it is the Hallow's Eve feeling, everything is rubbing me the wrong way. So as the perfect antithesis of my last post, I have prepared for you, in complete and utter shame, a list of small (or maybe big) irritations that have been getting on my nerves lately.
  1. Repeating myself, again and again (did I mention I teach high school?)
  2. Getting passed by someone in the right hand lane and then getting cut off by them in the left hand lane
  3. Sheer ignorance, need I say more?
  4. Not listening to directions, (and repeating myself)
  5. Complete disobedience
  6. Disrespect
  7. Calling other people names (in front of or behind their backs)
  8. Realizing you are not as good at things as you thought you were
  9. Finding out that humbleness looks better on you than pride (darn!)
  10. Creating more work for myself
  11. People cutting in line
  12. My Netflix not arriving on time (I think my mail person has a vendetta against me)
  13. Guilt Trips
  14. Realizing I am not prepared and I don't have time to get prepared
  15. Mushy apples
  16. Long rainy muddy weekends
  17. Long overdue and unfinished projects
  18. Realizing I am the world's worst sewer and attempting to do it anyway
  19. Sewing up a formerly destroyed pillow for my dogs only to throw the whole (resewn) pillow in the trash in less than an hour
  20. Burnt Pizza
  21. Rude, discourteous, mouthy teenagers (did I mention I teach high school?)

Thanks for listening. Have a great and spooky eve.

1 comment:

Kari said...

Lame-oh. I can imagine commuting & teaching highschoolers adds up to some stressful days. I've started stopping by your site a couple times a week, I'm just bad at commenting. Glad to see you're writing again though!