16 October 2006

Don't You Just Love It?

Yes, I just cannot help it. I am constantly reminded of how beautiful a place I live. It seems strange to recommend driving down the freeway to enjoy fall but between the Ohio St. exit and the Sunset Sq. exit, are the most exhilarating colors of fall all lined up on the left side of the freeway (going north). Brilliant oranges, burnt reds and crimson yellows cascade through the air and down onto your car as you go 70 (but should be going 60) miles per hour down the freeway. Memorial Park is just a hop skip and jump off the freeway on James Street. It is a lovely park with trees all in a row perfect for walking between and enjoying a fall afternoon. You'll quickly forget the sound of the freeway in the background and be thankful that someone had the idea of planting all these wonderful trees together. Nothing is more striking than all of these colors drifting together through crisp fall air to rest together on the blanket of grass. Someday soon they will no longer be red, orange or yellow but will be the bitter brown of even fall quickly fading away. Bellingham has so many beautiful streets and parks. You should be sure to enjoy them all. But if you are busy, like most of us are, and can only spare a quick glimpse out of your window, perhaps it should be between exit 254 and 255 in Bellingham Washington.

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