26 July 2006

Musings of Blogging

My Top Ten Things about Blogs:

There are a few things I really like about Blogs and a few things I really really don't. Here I will list them for amusement. Thanks to Andi I can post to my blog on her computer (mine is so protective it won't even let me post).

1. Like: I like blogs because they make ordinary things seem special. Recipes, restaurant reviews, pictures, daily thoughts and musings, inner monologues and rantings seem poetic and entertaining (much more than the Herald).
2. Dislike: Voyeurism...sometimes I feel like I know TOO much about people's lives from their blog. Maybe it isn't that I know too much but that people don't tell me anything and expect that I read their blogs to find out everything about them.
3. Dislike: Nobody uses real communication anymore. Now that people have blogs they don't email, write, call or stop by. They think that having a blog is communicating with me! Maybe I'm selfish but I want a conversation with just YOU...not your blog (although I do like reading it).
4. Like: I can see pictures from all of your adventures in an instant. I love pictures. I love taking pictures, looking at pictures and they can communicate so much with a smile, a laugh or just a view that you enjoyed.
5. Dislike: Voyeurism...sometimes I feel like I am looking in on your inner thoughts but am afraid to discuss them with you when I see you (the universal you that is). Are the things you wrote about on your blog really public knowledge? Can I discuss this with you? They seem more personal and yet if I don't acknowledge that I read your blog, what will I say?

Uh oh...6-10, I don't have any ideas. I love saying top 10 or top 5 because I love listmaking and I love High Fidelity the Movie. In that Movie John Cusack is always organizing favorites and complaints and anything that can be sorted into a list. For instance, he will say in his inner monologue "top ten things I loved about Janie (a previous girlfriend)."

Okay, now I've gone a total different direction. I'm going to make a new list. A few of my most recently watched movies:
1. Chasing Liberty (A teenage Mandy Moore flick) very cute and romantic, or do I just miss my husband?
2. Motorcycle Diaries (the pre Che, Che Gueverra from Cuba). A wonderful look at South America and the consciousness that he came to by travelling through the country.
3. The Snake Pit (a movie from 1948, very groundbreaking for the time). An interesting movie about a woman in a state asylum for women. Wonderful acting and haunting soundtrack to go along with it.
4. Unforgiveable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (not the singer but a boxer from the early 1900's). Ken Burns, documentary film maker of Jazz the series and Baseball brings a wonderful look at an athlete, a man, a personality and a groundbreaking look at race during the early 20th century and Jim Crow South.
5. CSI (any episode). I have to say that I am hooked on forensic science. Now maybe it isn't realistic to think that that many people are working on one case but it is interesting none the less and I feel like I always learn something about science in the process.

Okay, I'm done ranting and raving. I hope your summers are treating you well and you are enjoying all the sun and sprinklers and juicy watermelon.

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Kari said...

Hi! Sorry, I haven't been by your blog in a while because I knew you hadn't written much lately! I have another blog one for your list. Dislike: When you go to tell someone a story, you are never sure if they've already read it on your blog or not. You use up all your good stories on your blog. And you feel like a dork asking all the time "wait...did you read this on my blog..."