29 July 2006

Dark Days of Blogger

Lately it seems like the dark days of blogger. I have no thoughts, I am a dark and lonely cloud. I can think of nothing to post and nothing to mention and I am void of any deep and meaningful thoughts. As my days of teaching quickly approach I long to feel the freedom of my favorite photographer at the right: Ms. Lange. She was a woman who stood up for what she believed in. She documented all the hideous and tormented souls of the migrant camps, the Oakies that traveled west in search of hope and the Japanese Americans who were forced out of their hope by being put in internment camps. I long to feel the worth that she felt by documenting all the events of the US both the good, bad and the terrible ugliness. If you are out there, let me know you are. Let your light shine. Let me know that in my dark days of blogger land, without the freedoms of mind, without the wisdom to know what to write and where to go, that you are there. Hello? Enjoy your moments, be they dark, light or in between.

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