28 June 2014

paris….after 15 years (day 1 recap)

Le Beau Paris, Day 1:
Taking off from Seattle for our 15th Anniversary Trip.  Alone for 9 whole days without kids.  The dream begins!

First stop after getting off the plane and catching the bus to downtown Paris.  A cafe for coffee and pastry.  Perfection.

Our studio apartment.  Nothing fancy but a perfect place to lay our heads and call home base for a week in Paris.   
Lovely view out our 5th floor studio apartment window and plenty of sunshine.
View of the Sacre Cour (Church of the Sacred Heart) in Monmartre (18e).  This beautiful landmark was only 1 block from our apartment.

Dinner the first night at a lovely little Togolese restaurant called Le Mono.  Eating out in a foreign country is always an adventure especially when encountering new foods and attempting to translate your desires into a foreign language.  The restaurant staff here were extremely friendly and spoke plenty of English.  Our food seemed authentic and was quite tasty.  A nice place to eat for the first night.  We left full.

One of only 3 metro stops in the city that still have the glass roof along with this amazing art deco design.  This stop was at Abesses in Monmartre and where we stopped to go to our apartment every day.  The stop was pretty far down underground and had a warning before you climbed the steps…..181 in total.  Needless to say every time we came up, it was a good workout!   

Nearby park below the Sacre Cour had these neatly designed steps that were shaped/looked like logs/wood steps.  The afternoon of our first day we just sat at a bench right below these steps and people watched and read our book in the afternoon sun.  Lovely.

Street Sign by our apartment.

View out our apartment window at the end of a first beautiful day.  Bienvenue a Paris.

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