13 January 2014

family pictures 2013

In October (yes, I know, I'm quite behind).  We had the privilege of having the wonderful Joe & Patience Photography capture our family.  It was a lovely afternoon, the kids were in great moods and the sunset was casting a wonderful glow on the day.  They did an amazing job of capturing our family, the playfulness of our daughters and their presence was overall awesome.  Aven was quite taken with both Joe & Patience and had no problem going to them when we were taking pictures ourselves.

Growing up, my Dad refused to have his picture taken (still does today) so I don't really have any family pictures of us growing up let alone when we were so young so when we had Aven, I really wanted to start a tradition of getting our pictures done every few years and especially close to our kids first birthday.  These images are a great reminder of love, joy and how time truly can go too fast.  I treasure looking back at the pictures we took with Aven when she turned a year old and I love looking at these of our growing family too.

There were about 100 edited pics but I'll post just a few of my favorites here.

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