19 March 2013

the 3 month old and the almost 3 year old

Updates on life from my little 3's: Elodie 3 months and Aven {almost} three.

Has been absolutely loving books lately and I adore it.  We started letting her watch little cartoons now and then and I started to worry that she wouldn't want to read her books anymore or be as interested in them.  Of course she'll still ask to watch a cartoon but she also is always bringing books to us and asking us to read.  If you remember, she's always loved books and I have so many pictures of her reading with just about every family member that comes to visit too.

Here is a dialogue from a few days ago during some extended reading time.  Keep in mind I not only always say the name of the book but tell her the author and illustrator.  We read several books from the library and ones tucked away on her shelf and then she grabbed her kids Bible.

"Mommy, let's read God."
"This is my Bible, right?" (me: yes)
"Momma, who wrote this book?" (me: well, Kenneth Taylor did this version but the Bible are God's words to us)  "Hmmm."

After reading several stories in the bible (all of which seem to have a lot of punishment and death in the Old Testament) Aven had this to say regarding the story of David and Goliath.

"Mommy, what did Goliath do to David?"  (me: that is a good question)

On telling her the story about Pharaoh's soldiers persecuting the Egyptians and treating them unkindly Aven's response was: "that is not okay, we don't treat people like that."

I loved her simplicity and her approach to the stories from the Bible.  To her they are not laden with all the baggage that we carry to the stories as an adult.  They are rather difficult to interpret and explain to an almost 3 year old though.  I was totally impressed because she was listening carefully and turned page after page for probably a half an hour listening to the stories and asking questions and answering my comprehension questions.  She's one smart cookie.

Speaking of cookie, this girl has her Momma's sweet tooth.  When I asked her what kind of muffins we should make today she said chocolate with chocolate chips (need I say more)?  The other morning Abe brought us some donuts.  I insisted that Aven eat a yogurt before she have her donut but it was so funny because on our way getting out the door for work/school, Abe asked regarding Aven's crazy behavior: "do you think it is the result of too much sugar?"  Aven popped her head in the back door and said "we don't" right on cue and then closed the door.  Timing can be everything!!

has been growing and changing everyday.  She is finally falling into a bit of a rhythm in her daily routine and is getting more interactive and playful each day.  She has been really smiling and starting to laugh.  I can even put my fingers in her armpits and gently prod her to laugh a little.  Her sister is the one that gets her to smile the most though.  The last few days she's been really into folding her hands together and holding them together.  It is almost a posed look but very sweet.  She is starting to be more drooly (Aven never was) and tonight she just started really kicking her legs and noticing her feet.  She is getting stronger with her head and neck when you lay her on her tummy and she can really start to push herself up a bit.

This girl doesn't deal with disappointment well.  If you pick her up and she thinks you are going to feed her but you take her to the changing table, she practically melts down crying.  If she is tired and you try to feed her, she won't have any part of it.  I am usually pretty good at anticipating what she needs but every now and then she'll throw a curve ball.  She'll be crying/screaming and I'll think, I just fed you, you can't be hungry and then when everything else fails, I'll start to nurse her and she is clearly happy.  She is pretty go with the flow but when she is unhappy she will for sure let you know and she will cry until she gets her way; she isn't easily appeased by compromise.

I can't believe this girl is already 3 months.  It feels like time is going so fast already.  We are really starting to enjoy this little girl though with her happy cooing noises and her early morning smiles and the way she looks at her big sister and takes her in stride.

I love these girls!

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