27 September 2012

family warms the *heart*

A short piano session with Daddy, sans pants :)
Lately I have just been trying to enjoy all the little moments that are strung together that make up life.  Often times it isn't the big picture moments because we place a lot of pressure and hype on them (like a first birthday or crawling for the first time, first steps, family photo shoot or first bath/first taste of food).  I find it is all the little sneak moments that you don't plan for that can warm your heart and make you laugh at the end of a long day.  I have to say that right now having Aven is so fun!  She is at such a great age and it is really entertaining.  She is so verbal and able to explain herself in words and actions that it just makes life fun.  The following are some pictures from the past months but I think they show the range that this child is capable of.  One moment she is silly and dancing with the dogs.  The next she is helping make food (in her underwear no less).  Then she is running around the house in nothing but her rain boots....and she's carefully playing the piano alongside Daddy with nothing at all!  Sometimes she is so contemplative when she is trying to problem solve or figure something out, she gets this cute little pouty face and concentrated brow....I love it!

Aven discovered she can crawl into the console and then close the door.  For some reason she thinks it is absolutely hilarious!

A very cute drawing Abe made of Aven's name that she kept coming back to add to.  I love to watch as her hands learn how to hold crayons and pens and how she is learning to hold her writing utensil.  She even gets the concept of writing her name (although she doesn't know any letters yet).  She'll say, "I need to write your name Mommy." Or she'll draw a line and say "look at my rainbow."

Aven is such a caretaker.  She loves to take care of her dollies, her stuffed animals, the dogs and even us.  Often times she'll snuggle with us in bed on a lazy morning and she'll wrap us up in blankets, pat us, tell us to close our eyes and go to sleep.  She will be a good big sister.  Here she is giving her red teddy bear a ride.

If a few words could describe this kiddo they are: independent & opinionated.  She is really my child.  She always has an opinion about what she wants to wear and what she wants to do.  Aven is very good at getting herself ready in the morning.  She is able to do socks, pants, underwear and shoes.  She is also doing a pretty good job of mastering potty training these last few weeks.  She has had very few accidents these last two weeks  and she seems pretty internally motivated to do it as well (no bribery).  She still needs help with shirts or sweatshirts and sometimes tricky shoes.  She is very cute because if we are outside and she is in, she'll run to the deck, see that we're outside, run inside, put her shoes on and come out and join us....all without us asking.

What can I say, the girl loves to take care of her dollies.  She wraps them up in her blankets and takes them everywhere.

Sweet uninhibited spirit of a child- dancing the afternoon away with an audience of one: Ethel.
In brief, Aven is growing up to be quite the little girl.  She is almost 2 1/2 (next month) and she is learning so much every day about how to be herself.  She goes to the Y ("school") three days a week and to a friend's house one day a week to play with their kids.  Abe is back to having Aven one day a week and they seem to be getting along well so far.  Aven loves to go to school and has her favorite friends: Evan & Riyer.  They are doing an excellent job of teaching the kids songs, letters, colors, reading books, learning about sharing and being responsible, etc.  I am glad that she has this outlet of time to play and interact with her peers.  She loves going to our friend's out (the Bandstras) because she gets to see her friends: Isla & Noah.  She looks up to them and loves to play with them (but she has no problem telling them what she does and doesn't like).  On the weekends we have gotten to spend more time together and I think it is good for her spirit.

A few weeks ago we went on a solo camping trip.  It was our first camping trip as a family just the three of us.  It was challenging sleeping in a tent together and she never did take a nap in the afternoon in the tent....just didn't work.  But Aven did a nice job of being careful around the fire, hanging out with Mom & Dad and just spending time together.  Of course there are many moments that are filled with chaos and interruptions and teaching our child about manners (please say "excuse me" and then wait if you need to say something).....(don't scream in the tent so loud, there are other people here), etc.  But the moments seem mostly filled with hugs and stories and laughter and giggles and sweet conversations and little pockets of things I will hold dear as my little one grows bigger every day.

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