07 March 2012

twas the day in the life (continued)

Twas the middle of the week when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, lest the noisy furnace
The laundry was done and the grocery shopping too
In hopes that there wouldn't be something else forgotten too.

The child was tucked all snug in her bed
While visions of afternoon playtime danced in her head
An mamma in her sweatshirt and slippers all warm
Had just settled down for a mid-afternoon cup of coffee.

When out of the dog bed there rose a bark and howl
I put down my coffee to see what was the matter
Shushing the doggies and holding my breath,
I looked out the back door to see if the bark was warranted!

The sunshine was fading in winter afternoon style
and shadows fell on the quickly spring beckoned lawn
when what to my wondering eyes should I see
but the clock had flown fast and it was already three!

With a dutiful list and heart so full of love
I knew in a moment I must cross off something quick!
With clever brainstorming and prioritizing too
I crossed and I scribbled and I figured what to do.

Darnit and curse it and how could I dare
on over committing and under performing and pleasing all around
to the couch I say, to the coffee cup too,
now dash away guilt and fears and what to do's!

So as the day drags onward and I think of my list
I met with my obstacle and shook my firm fist
so with regret and with board books in tow
I stacked them up, swept the floors and knew I should go

To dog walks and food deliveries and dusting and dinner
with checkbooks and bills and vacation plans too
to drop offs and pick ups and exercising and play
to think of it all I might run away

so I sit down and sip up and breathe a breath in
and cross my feet and let the light in
and thankfully ponder the day and the wonder
and brood on my list which I have left in the room yonder.

(inspired by Clement Clarke Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas")

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