07 February 2012

little thoughts tuesday

Greetings.  I just noticed that my last post was my 200th blogging post!  Wow, that is a lot of rambling posted out there on the www!

A few little things I've been enjoying lately:

  • albums
    • Joe Purdy's Paris in the Morning
    • Black Keys (new cd) El Camino
  • BUST magazine (picked it up at the gym and am thoroughly enjoying going through it, hard to describe but check it out at your local Barnes & Noble)
  • Sunset cookbook- I have made several soups from this already and they are all delicious!  So many beautiful and yummy looking things.
  • My iPhone- I never thought that I'd like a piece of technology so much but it truly is amazing.  It has an awesome quality camera built in, tons of super cool apps (my favorite being the Amazon app where you can take a picture and then use that picture to search their database and the shutterfly app- prompts me to download the pictures I've taken right to my online shutterfly site.)  It is easy to use and has worked excellently so far! Yeah.

It has been a beautiful February here so far (we're only on day 7 though) with near 50 degree temps and blue beautiful skies and wonderful sunsets and pink cloudy mornings.  Happy Tuesday.

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