17 November 2011

months 17, 18 and (almost) 19

Wow, I cannot believe I am already losing track of how fast the months are flying by.  This week will make Aven 19 months and I still surprise myself when I say it.  My little smart girl is growing and changing so fast.  She is becoming quite the little girl and I love spending time with her and watching her learn and interact with the world and people around her.

17 Months
It is really fun that Aven is getting into doing paints, coloring and general art projects.  She doesn't always get how it is supposed to "work" or not to put supplies into her mouth (such as paint or crayons) but she definitely likes coloring and using her hands.

As usual, this little girl loves to read.  She grabs books all day long from the shelf and says "book?"  She seems to have a pretty discriminating eye for the good ones too.  She loves reading anything with animals especially and interesting pictures.  So far she knows the following animals and insects by sight: elephant, monkey, doggie, cat, fox, giraffe, parrot, frog, ladybug, horse, cow, pig, duck, goose, chick or chicken, bird, rabbit or bunny, mouse, bear, butterfly, sheep, bee, and fish.  She knows the sounds that many of them make too.  She can now climb into the rocking chair and we have a little kids rocker too that she sits in and reads her books or plays with her dollies.  She loves going to the library and looking at all of the books.  She is a good helper and will hand the librarian the card and help check out too.  I have to admit, I love picking out little kids books too, they are so colorful and fun.  There are some excellent books out there as well.  I often find myself gravitating towards some of the older authors like Eric Carle (The Hungry Caterpillar) or Margaret Wise Brown or Lois Lenski.  

18 months
Your favorite toys are books, balls and your dollies.  You are learning about how to use other toys and as always are creative with things that don't appear to be toys at all.  A few months ago you discovered that you could dump the Tupperware out of a box and put it upside down on the floor.  This would make a great little toy to scoot around on the floor while saying "beep, beep."  You are getting much better at your fine motor skills and using manipulatives.   Today you were able to put the cap back onto a highlighter, lining up the tip of the pen and the cap and you have been able to remove and replace a brush in Daddy's shop back onto the nail that you took it off of.  Yesterday you collected the crayons back in the box in an organized fashion.  

almost 19 months
Aven has shown an inconsistent interest in the potty.  She seems to be learning about her body and we try to gently encourage her without being forceful.  She has gone on the potty successfully about 3 times but here she is enjoying some more "reading time."  She likes her potty but sees it more as a toy.  We are trying to figure out how to make it "fun" or interesting without putting pressure on her.

My curious little girl.  You are growing in your personality each and every day.  You amaze me with how smart and charming and challenging and frustrating and sweet and kind and gentle and funny you are.  You love your doggies and are so loving to them.  You love your Mommy and Daddy and give big hugs, kisses and good snuggles.  You love to learn and try new things and do things yourself.  You love to read and ask questions and repeat and touch and run and climb and push and play.  Each day teaches me more about myself and about how to enjoy life and enjoy the many many blessings.  You are such a big part of that and I truly thank God for the gift of you in our lives and the blessing that you are to and for us.

I cannot believe it is about to be your second Thanksgiving and Christmas only weeks away!  You are getting so big and as always I cannot wait to see what is in store.


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