06 June 2011

what we've been up to lately

Well, there is so much to blog about I don't really know where to begin.  I feel like the time has flown by since Aven's first birthday and I am so behind on blog posts!  Well, here is a brief recap of what has been going on in life.

  • Getting the shop ready!
    • Abe has been working madly trying to get the shop completed so that he can move his business in- this has included having it completely insulated, drywalled, mudded and taped, installed lights, install all of the outlets, having it painted, finishing the electrical, moving in his tools, scouting out and getting a killer deal on siding, driving to pick up/load & unload the siding, scouting out HardiPlank shingles on Craigslist, picking up said shingles, moving shingles & other building supplies to the attic!  And this is all before/after work or on the weekends.  I do my best to help out when I can but it is challenging unless Aven is taking a nap or in bed (pics to come soon).
  • Keeping up with a one year old- seems like a full time job.  
    • With every stage there seems to be a pro and a con.  Pro: can feed herself, sit up by herself, entertain herself, etc.  Con: has an opinion about what she wants to feed herself, where and when she will sit, and what she does or doesn't want to do to entertain herself!  All kidding aside though she is at a really fun and challenging stage.  She has the mental capacity to know that she wants something specific but not the verbal skills to communicate it- I hope they come soon.
  • Planning & Taking a vacation:
    • Our trip to Moab, UT turned into going to Winthrop, WA.  This ended up being a good thing and we avoided 4 days driving in the car and over 2,000 miles at $4.00+ a gallon too. We will make it back there someday but for now it wasn't really practical.  Just got back this last weekend from 4 nights and 5 days of hiking/biking and relaxing in the sun (post to come soon & lots of pics).
  • Reading:
    • Really enjoying our book club of the month: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon- book club this weekend- excited to discuss this mystery/suspense novel.
  • Yard work:
    • when we're not trying to get things done on the shop we are attempting to work on our yard which mainly refers to keeping the grass down and the weeds out (a super challenging thing right now- see having a 1 year old above).  We have many plans of what we want to do it is just a matter of time & money.
  • Life & Work:
    • In the leftover time we are attempting to work, eat dinner together as a family, spend time together as a couple & family, go on hikes, relax, and just generally enjoy our lives.
More to come on all of the above soon: pics & details from our vacation, pics and details of the shop status, pics of Aven @ 13 months and next month's book club pic as well.

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