19 April 2011


This past Saturday was a much needed day for our family.  I have had to work a lot of Saturdays lately and the last one I had off was taken up by our annual girls weekend.  I switched Saturdays with my boss to give Abe some Daddy time off and for us to spend time together as a family.  It started by sleeping in (so glorious) and then throwing on some clothes and heading down to a local favorite Rocket Donuts.  I don't know how I managed not to go here for so long, but I did- and I never should have, I am addicted.  I am mostly a purist when it comes to donuts: old fashioned, glazed cake, buttermilk bars or sugar/cinnamon twists.  I don't go for any fancy sprinkles or gluten-free stuff!  But with a cup of local coffee, it feels like a meal.  Ironically we took a healthy breakfast for Aven: banana, cheerios and a smile (mini-donuts Abe called the cheerios).  It was a nice way to start our day together.  When Aven napped I helped Abe in our workshop re-saw some 2x4 boards and I practiced my measuring and cutting skills with the bandsaw.  It was a nice day and we had a lot of time to spend together and just relax.

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