27 April 2011

Aven's First Birthday (the events)

Wonderful day in Seattle with our little one year old!  Started the day early with 1-year check up and 5 shots!  After this we made our way to Seattle and enjoyed taking Aven to the Seattle Aquarium.  She loved watching the fish and other marine life and her attention never swayed.  Afterwards we took her to a few of our favorite haunts: Red Mill Burgers for lunch and then Herkimer Coffee (for us).  We enjoyed seeing some of the fun sights at the Aquarium such as: Java the octopus- we were apparently there during one of her more active periods; jellyfish walk through; Northern Fur Seals; seahorses; a variety of uniquely colored and shaped fish and the giant entryway tank.  Finished the day with Aven's first ice cream at Bellingham favorite Mallards.  Aven had the strawberry, me the rose strawberry ice and Daddy the peanut butter.  After all of this it was a quick to bed for the tired little one year old.  

part of the touch tank

amazing and beautiful jellyfish

"Java" the giant pacific octopus

beautiful textures & colors

up close & personal w/the fish

a delicious & healthy lunch!

always has something to say

it's my birthday & I'll cry if I want to!

Mommy & Daddy need more coffee

first ice cream- entering Mallards,
a Bellingham favorite

not sure if she likes Mommy's Strawberry Rose Ice
Happy Birthday Aven Lily, we love you.

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