15 March 2011

10 months and then some...

So, I realized today that I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of my little one.  Thank goodness for digital archives yet there ends up being an excessive amount of pictures because each one tells a story!  I love taking pictures of Aven because she can be so expressive and her personality comes out in every pictures.  This one above I caught her mid-clap...she loves to clap and will kind of bob back and forth if you sing a song.  I can sing "if you are happy and you know it clap your hands" and she'll usually clap right on cue; pretty cute.

Pictures like this one I especially enjoy because they don't show any awareness of the camera being present at all.  She is just enjoying a quiet moment to herself.  Hard to believe that this sweater still fits her.  It is a bit short in the sleeves but I think it is still a 3-6 month item!

Her is Aven visiting her Daddy at his shop.  It has kind of become a pretty regular tradition that on my days off with Aven that she and I go visit Abe at work, take him coffee and often go out to lunch @ Avenue bread together.

This shirt is one of my new favorites by Osh Kosh, it is purple with green stripes and an adorable little gathering up front.  It is a 12 month item, go figure.

For some reason the few things that stick out in this picture are my little girl's beautiful eyes and the small piece of food stuck on her forehead from lunch.  Should have been a bath day.

Aven is so excellent at entertaining herself.  She has toys.  But often, like any child, they bore of their "regular" and anything else in the house can become a toy: Daddy's shoes or shoelaces, the recycling, the dog water, the dishtowels, the box of tampons on the bathroom floor, Dad's belt (well, you get the idea).  It does show an ability to be inventive and use anything to discover the world.

Probably why I love this picture.  This is Aven chewing on the handle (rope) for a little draft pillow.   It goes by the back door but it has some kind of weighted beads in it and she loves to pull it around and play with it.
Life is interesting and keeping us busy.  Will update you on more quirks later.  Enjoy the pics.

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Andi Mae said...

Oh, Vale! She is so darling! And these pictures of her are seriously beautiful! I can't believe how grown-up she is! I pop in here often, but am so horrible at leaving comments- I'm trying to get better at that :)

Love you, dear friend and am really looking forward to catching up on the phone soon!