27 February 2011

random complaints

Okay, I really do love "local" and I like to support small business but sometimes I get so annoyed at the details.  For instance, I rarely carry cash- I almost always use my debit or credit cards.  And working for a bank, I realize that there are fees associated with accepting plastic- for the business.  But sometimes I am not prepared with cash or checks (really, who carries checks anymore anyway?) and I happen across a cute little coffee shop or bakery and nothing puts me in a worse mood than a sign on the door saying: "cash or checks only please."  So then it is a choice, skip the place or first find an ATM (maybe pay a fee) and then go back.

So, yesterday we passed on the first place just to avoid running to the bank and back again and ended up at another local shop that did accept credit/debit.  After ordering two beautiful (coffee art) lattes and splitting a cheese brioche, Abe decided that he wanted a refill.  Well folks, I feel that once you spend $3+ dollars on a drink, you should get a free refill.  He walks up to the counter and the conversation went a bit like this:

"Do you have refills here?"
"Yes, they are 50 cents each."
"Hmmm, I don't have any cash- may I use my card for the refill?"
"Sorry, no."
"Okay, well....."
"I could probably find you 50 cents" (reaches into the tip jar).
"Okay" (awkward).

So, what is a good ol American coffee lover to do?  I just want to put my plea into the world: free refills, please?

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Kari said...

what? Latte refills? I've never ever heard of such a thing! I thought you only got refills for drip....