02 February 2011

now that she's mobile...

Seems like there isn't much time to blog anymore since my baby went mobile! It happened only a week ago and now there seems to be no area of the house that is off limits! She learned to crawl one day and was all over the place the next. So, other than keeping up with her, hanging with the dogs, praying the rain won't last all winter, watched guilty pleasure tv shows like Glee and Fringe and cooking lots of yummy food, we haven't done too much!

Just thought I'd share some pics of what life looks like with a mobile baby. Aven loves playing with her toys especially her Green Toys "Tool Box" (including hammer, saw, pliers and wrench) and "My First Stacker." She also loves watching the doggies chew their toys on their blanket and they are totally okay with her getting right in there with them- so very cute.

Some quick things of interest:
  • started crawling on Tuesday Jan 25th
  • pulled herself to standing without any help from people on Saturday Jan 29th
  • can use her pincer grasp to give herself small pieces of food
  • loves dairy like yogurt and string cheese so far
  • likes her healthy vegetables like carrots and sweet potato
  • likes chicken dishes like a sweet potato, apple chicken and onion dish I made her, yum!
  • learned how to cover her face and play peek-a-boo with us on Wed Jan 26th
  • still loves being outside and taking walks, seems to calm and quiet her and she loves taking naps in the backpack
  • still loves being swaddled- the Velcro on her swaddle blankets is wearing out and she is almost 9 1/2 months but the other night we tried just going with a sleep sack and it didn't work at all
  • is a very determined baby so far, when she does or doesn't want something, she seems bound and determined to get what she wants one way or the other
  • is still a very good nurser and usually only wakes up 1 time a night but often sleeps through
  • has started really looking at the texture of things like images in books and large dark fonts, notices small dots and pices of dirt on the floor (and there are so many!)
  • only takes a pacifier when she is going to sleep at night
  • loves taking baths and showers
  • is growing and changing so much every day!
  • is still a small little girl- wears many 3-6 month onesies, mostly 6-12 month pants (for the length), weighs in at only 15.5 lbs, is in the 4-5th percentile on weight and the 25th percentile on height
  • is a mostly happy and sweet little baby and our very favorite of all

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