10 January 2011

shop update- the short version

Current state of the yard side- windows installed, last bit of papering to do
same view before sheeting and windows, paper, etc.
Large sliding door still installed, existing framing and supports put into place before this wall was rebuilt
view from the alley of the garage (leaning)- with two massive sliding doors and a roll up door on the parking space side, there was little to keep the garage from slowly tilting over!
View from the alley as it sits now- a variety of windows were obtained from the Re-Store, free from a neighbor and some new ones purchased to match the others-as you can see the alley side has some small windows up top for light but to keep the area secure. There will also be a sliding door (using one of the original) on the alley side to deliver and unload materials/cabinets/tools, etc.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
A quick update on our shop. It is a slow work in progress and while I cannot really take any credit, it is coming along. This last month Abe has put a lot of hours into the final push. Thankfully a few friends have donated many hours as well while I watch Aven and cannot really help Abe. The shop has been completely re framed from the ground up including new ground plates. All that really remains from the original framing are the trusses and a few 2x4's on the alley side. All windows have now been installed and the double glass doors that face the yard. Randy (Abe's Dad) is here this week getting all of the electrical done and prepped so that power will be available. The whole shop has been re framed and sheeted, doors and windows installed, 3 sides papered and the floor raised and re framed. As far as the outside goes the alley door will need to be fitted and installed (just in place right now to cover the gap) and siding, trim and paint! We have tons of rolls of insulation for the inside and after the electrical is installed we can begin that process. Then its drywall, trim and bring in the tools and wood. We are still trying to figure out the best source of heat but right now we have a free Fisher wood stove....just a matter of finding pipe that isn't too expensive. It is really exciting to see it all coming together. It is a really cool space. I know it doesn't feel big enough to Abe but I am really excited to have him here on site once he gets moved in and settled. The pictures really don't do it justice of how much work has gone into this project. More to come.

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