24 January 2011

Milestones: is this normal?

So yes, I get that at 9 months, it is utterly impossible to be any cuter so we've got that down, thank goodness!
It is okay to have your child play with scissors now that she is 9 months right? Just kidding; put her on the counter and she just grabbed these as I was shooting some photos- thought it was awesome. Grabbing skills are a must when you are a baby to get just what you want: Mom's earrings, hair, full bowls of food that are perched on the dinner table, magazines, books, or anything else that might be within your sphere of reach!
It is totally normal for your child to lick the refrigerator also right? Somehow I just happen to be holding the camera at these strange moments. Really, I do not pose my child this way. We have gotten the step down: everything must go in my mouth so I can figure out the world.

Happy 9 months....more to come later.

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