06 December 2010

mixed bag 2

I love this pic of the dogs just waiting for Aven to eat real food so that they can catch something!
Aven enjoying a frozen banana treat in one of those "self feeder" things-- big mess but it kept her happy and occupied.
love this girl (and the dress, too cute)- notice the little patch of newborn hair left on the back, it will disappear someday
I love the look of wonder on her face here, so many things in the world to see and do.
Lately I haven't been able to get enough of my little munchkin. Sure she can be trying or frustrating and fussy or demanding or seem to always throw up on the cutest outfits, but usually I just miss her when I'm at work and she's at daycare. If my lunch weren't so busy pumping breast milk or running errands and of course eating lunch too, I would go visit and hang with her every day. The other morning I was almost late because I had put her in this super cute jean jumper with darling patterned insides and bows and her very first pair of tights. I sat her in the window seat and she just talked and chatted and looked outside while I kept taking photos. I'll admit I probably took about 50 because so many were blurry or she was reaching for the camera or something else but these are my favorites so far. She is 7 1/2 months now and is thoroughly entertaining. She has a super cute little laugh when you tickle her, she is sitting up on her own without any problems and she likes to do tummy time and she can turn herself into a circle. She is picking up her hips but hasn't started to crawl. She tolerates eating new foods but doesn't seem too keen on it yet. She's eating sweet potatoes, bananas, rice cereal and carrots. I think she'll be a little happier once she can do her own thing (feed herself). She seems fiercely independent like that! Well, lots more to post later but not enough time now, enjoy the pics.

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