05 August 2010


I always knew it would be hard, and I wasn't under any illusions but trying to go back to work is proving a balancing act. I am not emotionally stressed or feeling bad about having Aven in daycare, I am just trying to figure out how to spend time with her, Abe, walk the dogs and give them attention, pick up the mail from the post office because they won't deliver it through my front door, pay bills, take out the recycle, see visiting friends, work out, work, pump breastmilk, grocery shop, clean the floors, feed the neighbors cats when they are on vacation, upload and organize baby pictures, do the dishes, eat, sleep and oh yeah....relax! It is in my vocabulary, don't worry.

Just like anything else, I will adjust to the rhythm of my life now it just takes some getting used to. I do treasure all of my times though, with my baby, dogs and husband and by myself and I don't take them for granted. Here are a few shots of Aven this past week. She is getting really fun, recognizing peoples voices, the doggies, squealing with delight and smiling a lot. Of course she still cries and has those upset moments but she is falling into a regular routine of life and for the most part only cries when she needs something (like sleep).

She is now over 10 lbs! I know it still seems small but it is a lot bigger than her 6lbs, 7 1/2 oz at birth. She is still wearing mostly newborn clothes and some baggy 3 month outfits that are too cute to pass up. Oh well, we're getting more out of them than most people and that is okay. She likes to be read to and rocked in the rocking chair and she often will giggle and smile really big- it certainly is her most defining feature right now although she looks pretty cute when she's serious too!

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