21 August 2010

4 months, 120 days, 2880 hours & 172,800 minutes old!

My, my, my little Aven how you have grown. Today you turned 4 months old and I can hardly believe all the changes you are going through. Some days are tough and you seem to be backtracking, waking up every 2 hours throughout the night and still waking up at 6:45 am! And then you turn around and roll over from front to back 4 times in a row when you are with Daddy! In some ways the time is going really fast and in others it seems like so much has happened that is must be more than 4 months!

You love to grunt, and talk to yourself (and look at yourself in the mirror). You like to be read stories and seem to have a good attention span for listening. You love being held, and being held to stand and you like smiling and occasionally laughing. You love being outside in your bouncy chair or being held or even being carried in the Baby Bjorn. It is funny, even if you are upset if you are taken outside, you often calm down! You must be swaddled to fall asleep and usually take the pacifier as well. You like being sung songs and you don't mind at all if you are licked by the doggies. You seem opinionated about things and seem to like certain things to be a particular way. This seems to be how you have been since day one: being held just so or picked up in the nick of time! You get lots of comments about how beautiful you are and I simply couldn't agree more! You do have that classic baby bald spot on the back of your head and a weird patch of baby hair that is still hanging on. You love when Daddy does the shimmy with you or makes funny sounds and faces at you. You are learning to hold yourself up when you lay on your tummy and you have really good head and neck control. You love to suck on your hands, fingers or both fists at once but you don't really reach out at things yet although you will watch them. You are still in some newborn clothes and many 3 month items are still too big. You are in size 1 diapers and still probably under 11 pounds! You are capturing my heart and even on the toughest and roughest of days when you smile, giggle, scream with joy or fall asleep in my arms, you remind me how precious you really are. I look forward to learning who you are becoming and helping you on your way. Love you my little sweet pea.

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