01 July 2010

fun fun fun and randomness!

A few shots to share....I asked Abe to take a picture of Aven and I because I have so few. So far the only ones are from the hospital, self portraits in the mirror and ones that my Mom took when visiting....sad :(
Oh, she is also wearing her first sweatshirt in this picture. I love it. So cute!
Here Aven is looking wide eyed into the camera sitting in her Bumbo chair. I don't know how old kids are typically supposed to be to sit in these but Aven seems to like it okay. She likes her bouncy chair the best, then her swing and then her Bumbo in that order. I think she'll like this one better later on but right now she can't kick as freely when she's in this chair.

Although, here, she does seem pretty excited to be sitting in her chair! I must have pressed the photo button just in time to catch this cute squeal from little miss. Normally I always catch the subject a few seconds too late when their eyes are closed or heads are turned.Here is my new favorite object: the Encyclopedia Britannica Junior metal rolling book cart. It was at the ReStore here in Bellingham for $15 and was salvaged from the Lowell School remodel here in Bellingham. I am happy to own a piece of history and a super cool looking item. I love metal objects in general and this one is so bright and fun. The top shelf is slanted to hold books and now it is holding Aven's. Good eye Abe!

Just a close up of the inscription.That is all for now. Enjoying a quite house (baby in bed), a chicken salad, some fresh rosemary bread and a glass of wine. Ahhhhhh.

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Kari said...

that is so cute!!!