09 June 2009

Giving up and giving in....

Dear friends and family,
I have started to compose a post about my trip multiple times but I am constantly frustrated about how to organize so much information and I am also very challenged by using iphoto program on my apple computer!  We had an awesome time.  It was relaxing yet eventful with a lot to see, do and eat.  It was beautiful: the countryside was covered with rolling hills of green and yellow (fields of canola); amazing cities filled with all kinds of architectural styles; churches galore with clock and bell towers boasting amazing views of the city; red tile roofs and steeples line the sky; cheap yummy meals and refreshing afternoon beers as well as delicious pastries (medovnik/honeycake) and coffee (kava) for breakfast every morning.  How do you capture everything?  It is almost impossible.  My long term project is to compose a slideshow of photos (pared down of course from my 400+ photos from my trip) and post them somehow on my blog but until then, I'll just tell you what life has been up to since I've been back!

We hit the ground running and got immediately into summer/working on the house mode.  For us this summer, it involves painting some new siding that was put on the house last fall (primer, primer, caulking, sanding, filling nail holes, painting, painting, painting trim, painting drip edge, etc.).  We are almost done and then it is just the back door (for the back of the house).  The porch needs to be rebuilt so it still remains unpainted but things are coming along.  We (Abe mostly) redid the back yard last year so we are finishing off those projects and I'm using my vegetable beds for the first full planting season.  I've planted sugar snap peas, tomatoes, carrots, lemon cucumbers, red and green lettuce, basil, parsley and chives.  So far everything has popped up although there is nothing to harvest yet.

Enjoying the outdoors: Abe sold his most recent mountain bike and got a Transition blindside and he's breaking that in while I search for more off leash trail options to take the dogs hiking in the amazing weather.  Working on painting and the yard-always easier when the weather is nice.  Work, work and more work: Abe is doing a paid internship with a local furniture maker.  I continue to work at the bank- going into my 11th year there.  I bought a little bike a few months ago and I've been trying to ride to work a few days a week.  

Celebrating our anniversary: this weekend we are going camping on Orcas Island (as part of the San Juans) at Moran State Park- it is our 10 year anniversary.  Another post on that perhaps!  Wow, time flies.

Well, I'm coming up with some good ideas of how I can share my vacation with you.  Cheers.  

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John Brinkmann said...

We were surprised and honored to find American Bungalow among the varied interests listed in your bio, Vale. Only two sips into the morning's first cup of coffee, and I already know it is going to be a good day. Thank you.

John Brinkmann
American Bungalow